Bulk mailing and anti-spam

Before sending

Take your time. When you send a campaign you expose you and the organization you represent to your subscribers and to the general public.
Always do the following before a campaign.
  1. Create a “test” list, set it as non-public and add few emails of yours. It is good to have email accounts, just for testing, from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and perhaps other major ESPs.
  2. Send to your test list before sending to your subscribers. See if tracking works, try the opt-out and smart links. Click each and every link in the newsletter.
  3. Sometimes you may notice that your html newsletter appears with small differences between email clients.
    THIS IS NOT A SURPRISE. Undesirable but it happens. Email clients, much like web browsers have different rendering engines. So they do not treat all html tags in the same way. If you see that these differences become annoying go back to your newsletter and make adjustments. nuevoMailer produces (or you can import) valid XHTML code and fully supports responsive emails.
    If you follow basic standards it will be fine with most email clients.
  4. After reviewing your newsletters and making adjustments and everything looks fine then proceed with the campaign.

Tips for bulk email senders

To improve deliverability and maximize chances that your email is delivered into the subscribers’ inbox there are a few technical things to implement once and for good and some very simple practices to follow regularly.
Please visit this page to find out more.

Related anti-spam laws

The CAN-SPAM Act, CASL, GDPR and more
There are legal requirements for commercial e-mail senders almost in all developed countries.
For further reading and resources, we recommend that you visit this page.
nuevoMailer is technically ready and compliant with all these regulations. Of course, it always depends on how you use the application.
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